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Building Solar Installation and Cleaning Disinfecting
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Our pre-screening process involves our team scoring each company based on 12 ranking factors. These factors include the amount of time in business, litigation searches, criminal record searches, financial profitability, consumer reviews, equipment quality, local service, full-time installation crews rather than using sub-contractors, value, pricing transparency, loan offerings, employee satisfaction, and the company’s safety record in Santa Ana near Irvine, California.

One of the most important things to understand is how you are being charged for your utility power. For example, So Cal Edison uses a “tiered” bill rate, where they charge customers more per kilowatt-hour for energy over their “baseline.” So sometimes a customer’s best strategy is to get enough solar production to get them under their baseline. A customer who covers 25 percent of their usage, for example, may find that reduces their bill by 75 percent.

The inverter connects to the electricity production meter and net meter to utilize solar energy first before it goes to your typical electricity source. If you are able to harness loads of solar energy, your utility bills can significantly go down in a matter of months.

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Choosing the right size solar panel kit for your Los Angeles Home. The first step you take after you have considered available roof or ground space, is to look at your home monthly average electricity usage from your electrical bill. The key number you are interested in finding is your most current 12 month total kWh (Kilowatt Hours). Because of seasonal considerations it is always a good idea to look at average daily usage from the most current 12 months utility bills. Here at Blue Pacific Solar® when we are designing a home solar kit we prefer evaluation a 12 month kWh history dividing it by 365 to get the average kWh per day. When you are designing an off-grid system you will be particularly interested in the kWh of the month of December since it has the least number of available sun hours and is usually considered as a base line factor in the design methodology.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Yes, engineering can be applied to the solar panel cleaning industry! 1 MW of energy requires approximately 3125 solar panels but here is the catch, they only work when they are clean. We help solar C&I and utility-scale companies find the best way to clean their solar panels at the lowest possible cost in the design phase and once the solar farm is active. Reduce the standard 14 – 30% O&M costs due to cleaning by hiring our specialized engineering firm.

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It will be a pleasure for our sales team to help you if you are struggling with your budget estimate. Our customer team will take all the steps to help you with high quality, satisfied, long-lasting services at very competitive prices. Dial our official number or simply text us for an appointment.

Solar panels can help you save money on your energy bills, but you must maintain them well and ensure you get a good warranty. Find out how many solar panels your home needs and get answers to other commonly asked questions about solar energy from EcoMark Solar. Check out our First Time Buyer’s Guide to Solar Energy to learn more about solar panels and find out what you need to do to maintain them.

The most cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your solar electricity system is to have regular cleanings and inspections performed. Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC. uses the purest reverse osmosis deionized water to boost photovoltaic (PV) production by 20% or even more in some cases.

Santa Ana Solar Panel Cleaning and COVID Disinfecting is available to clean rooftop solar panel systems on your home or business, solar carports, and even large ground solar systems. Beyond just a simple cleaning service, our experts perform a visual inspection of the entire solar array to ensure everything is in good working condition.

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In addition, companies such as our National Disinfecting can schedule after-hours work to avoid contact with your occupants and eliminate any person-to-person interaction. This is much safer than having staff clean during regular business hours. (If it is not possible to schedule after-hours work—as in the case of facilities that are open 24 hours a day—companies like ours can work with you to identify a solution.)

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As for the Reynolds’s own company, the crisis has produced mixed results. Handmaid Cleaning has lost six or seven residential clients but landed at least one large commercial account sanitizing the common areas in a large condominium for people 55 and over. The property owner has eight or nine similar facilities around Washington State, and the couple hopes for a shot at those. 

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Workers whose jobs do not require contact with people known to have or suspected of having COVID-19, nor frequent close contact with (within 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) the general public or other workers, are at lower risk of occupational exposure.